The Institute

Founded in 1979, the Liberal Institute pursues as its mission the research and dissemination of the ideas of liberty. The Institute advances the Swiss tradition and culture of individual freedom, peace, openness and political diversity and furthers the development of the liberal intellectual tradition.

Private autonomy on the basis of property and contract and the free exchange of ideas and products on open markets in a non-centralized institutional environment serve as guiding principles.

As the first independent Swiss-wide think tank with an international outlook, the Liberal Institute works in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. It develops different activities from its headquarters of Geneva, Lugano, and Zurich.

At the core of the activities of the Liberal Institute lie numerous publications and a variety of public and private events. The Institute organizes special programs for students and several topic-related competence centers as well as related services. It cooperates Switzerland-wide and internationally with organizations pursuing similar goals. The Liberal Institute presents every year the Röpke Prize for Civil Society to individuals who have made significant contributions for the culture of liberty in Switzerland. At its Bern site, the Institute maintains a multilingual Library of Liberty, which is available to students, researchers, and other interested parties.

To sustain its commitment and pursue its work, the Liberal Institute needs the support of private persons or institutions who share our ideals and principles. Your involvement makes it possible for us to expand our activities and promote the foundations of a free society of responsible citizens.

Please note that the Liberal Institute mainly operates in French, German, and Italian. Many thanks for your interest.

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