Das Liberale Institut freut sich auf Ihre Teilnahme an seinen Veranstaltungen. Unser liberaler Kalender führt auch gelegentlich Veranstaltungen affiliierter Organisationen auf, die für ein erweitertes Publikum von Interesse sind.

  • Dienstag, 25. September 2018

    Konferenz «Better Regulation: Risks, Markets, Responsibility»


    InterContinental, Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 7-9
    Eintreffen ab 8.45 Uhr, Beginn um 9.15 Uhr (bis 17 Uhr)

    The Better Regulation Conference aims at addressing in an open way one of the most pressing issues of our time: the increasing regulatory density that has led to less economic freedom and choice, higher compliance costs reaching up to 10% of gross domestic product, or industry capture of regulation, leading to corporate scandals in several sectors as well as systemic crises in the financial realm.

    According to the PwC 2018 Global CEO Survey, over-regulation remains the top business concern globally, and in the top five perceived threats across every region surveyed. Regulatory overreach, increasingly driven at the supranational level, may hamper economic growth prospects more than geopolitical and monetary risks going forward.

    How can regulation be better reconciled with entrepreneurial freedom and consumer choice? Would self-regulation and consultation processes akin to the Swiss practice promote more effective rules? How can regulatory capture by special interests be prevented in order to keep competition and innovation alive to the benefit of all? What role should personal responsibility and market reputation play in the 21st century?

    The Better Regulation Conference will reassess markets, risks, and responsibility in an environment where competitiveness becomes a priority in many countries.

    We warmly invite you to join us on 25 September 2018 to share insights and experience with top scholars, business leaders, and policy makers. We look forward to your active participation in discussing and shaping the issues at hand.

    Speakers (partial list):

    Lorenzo Allio, Consultant, Senior Policy Analyst, European Risk Forum

    Prof. Patricia Commun, Economic Historian, Liberal Institute and Université de Cergy-Pontoise

    Prof. Anthony Evans, Economist, ESCP Europe Business School

    Stéphane Graber, Secretary-General, Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA)

    Jens Hedström, Head of the Brussels Office, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Chair of the Business at OECD Governance Committee

    Julian Morris, Vice President of Research, Reason Foundation

    Cécile Philippe, Economist, Director General, Institut économique Molinari

    Victor do Prado, Director, Council and Trade Negotiations Committee, World Trade Organization

    Cécile Rivière, Policy Analyst and Project Manager, Economiesuisse

    Alexandre de Senarclens, Attorney-at-law, Member of the Grand Council of Geneva, Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Geneva

    Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics, Institute of Economic Affairs

    Vincent Subilia, Deputy Director General and Head of Arbitration, Chambre de commerce, d'industrie et des services de Genève (CCIG)

    Daniel Trnka, Senior Policy Analyst, Regulatory Reform and Simplification, OECD

    Nicolas Wallart, Head of Regulatory Analysis and Policy, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

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  • 30. September - 6. Oktober 2018

    Mont Pèlerin Society General Meeting

    Gran Canaria

    This General Meeting, taking place in Gran Canaria, will foster a vigorous debate of several subjects within the overall theme «Competition, Discovery, and the Pursuit of Happiness». This event taps into the symbolism, history and location of the Canary Islands, Columbus's last port-of-call in the known world of Europe and a free port for centuries thereafter. The Canary Islands provide an evocative setting to address modern issues, such as competition, separatist movements, cryptocurrencies, overlapping jurisdictions, and the free movement of people, goods, and capital. The aim is to contribute to making liberal philosophy relevant to contemporary concerns, to think beyond what we already know, and to engage in an adventure of discovery.

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    MPS Gran Canaria 2018