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Liberales Institut im Dienst der Freiheit

The Institute

Founded in 1979, the Liberal Institute pursues as its mission the research of the ideas of freedom. The Institut advances the Swiss tradition and culture of individual liberty, peace, openness and political diversity and furthers the development of the liberal intellectual tradition.

Private autonomy on the basis of property and contract and the free exchange of ideas and material goods on open markets in a non-centralized order serves as a guiding principle.

As the first independent Swiss-wide think tank with an international outlook, the Liberal Institute works in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. It develops different activities from its headquarters of Geneva, Lugano, and Zurich.

Please note that the Liberal Institute mainly operates in French, German, and Italian. Many thanks for your interest.

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  • Superhighway to Serfdom

    Sean Corrigan

    LI-PAPER. It should by now be apparent that there is nothing whatsoever benign about increasing the size of the State.

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  • The Threat of Tax Centralization Hovers Over Europe

    Pierre Bessard

    Tax centralization poses a serious challenge to freedom and prosperity in Europe and goes against the continent's historical success.

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  • Unarmed bandits

    Victoria Curzon Price

    Extracting rents from the general population by gaining the ear of the state is to the detriment of the large mass of consumers/taxpayers.

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  • Liberalism, Loose or Strict

    Anthony de Jasay

    There is a built-in mechanism in democracy for the state to buy support from some by abusing the rule of submission and exploiting others.

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