Das Liberale Institut freut sich auf Ihre Teilnahme an seinen Veranstaltungen. Unser liberaler Kalender führt auch gelegentlich Veranstaltungen affiliierter Organisationen auf, die für ein erweitertes Publikum von Interesse sind.

  • Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

    Podiumsgespräch «Liberalismus heute — und morgen?»


    Hat der Liberalismus in einer komplexen, globalisierten Welt eine Chance? Diese Frage wurde am letzten Anlass anfangs Jahr mit Kurt Fluri und Brigit Wyss diskutiert. Dabei stiess man immer wieder auf schwierige Zielkonflikte. Es stellte sich die Frage, welche Voraussetzungen erfüllt sein müssen für eine liberal geprägte Gesellschaft. An der Folgeveranstaltung wird Prof. Otfried Höffe zum Thema «Liberalismus heute — und morgen?» referieren und wird nach der Präsentation seiner Thesen von Prof. Andreas Kley und Dr. Daniel Bühlmeier vertieft befragt. Zum Abschluss reagieren zwei «Realpolitiker» aus zwei Generationen auf die Thesen: Stefan Nünlist, Präsident FDP SO und Philipp Eng, Präsident der Jungen FDP SO.

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    Forum für Liberalismus

  • 15.-17. Februar 2019

    Ayn Rand Student Conference Europe 2019


    Increasingly, our culture pushes us to view ourselves as passive members of one group or another. What matter, we're told, are not the choices we make or the actions we take as individuals, but our ethnicity, our gender, our inherited privilege or lack thereof.

    In politics, people care less and less about ideas and principles, and more and more about exhibiting uncritical loyalty to the party and defending our side while attacking the other.

    Philosophers and psychologists tell us that free will is a myth and that we should look to biology, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology for the deterministic causes of our behavior.

    In her novel The Fountainhead (and in her other writings), Ayn Rand challenges the doctrines of collectivism and introduces a radically new conception of individualism. She rejects the tribal mindset at its deepest roots and offers a vision of human existence in which we are not interchangeable members of some collective, but sovereign, independent individuals, whose true interests align.

    Join the Ayn Rand Institute at our first ever European conference AynRandCon Europe, February 15 to 17 in Prague, the Czech Republic. At AynRandCon Europe, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the publication of Ayn Rand's novel The Fountainhead and its timeless, crucial theme of individualism versus collectivism, not in politics, but in man's soul.

    At AynRandCon Europe, you'll hear leading experts on Rand's philosophy of Objectivism present an in-depth exploration of her philosophy of individualism as the antidote to our era's increasing tribalism. You'll also meet other students who love Rand's novels and are eager to explore her ideas. In addition, you'll have the chance to network with speakers, students, and professionals from various fields.

    Everyone is welcome, students and non-students alike!

    Students are eligible to apply for a scholarship to support travel costs.

    Scholarship applications will be accepted until January 18, 2019.

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    Ayn Rand Student Conference Europe 2019

  • 19.-22. Mai 2019

    Mont Pèlerin Society Regional Meeting


    This Regional Meeting, taking place in Fort Worth, Texas, on the Contentious Issues in Classical Liberalism, is intended to push the boundaries of how we understand the science of liberty. The goal is to create a dialog on the cutting edge of classical liberalism that will push everyone's comfort zone and force them to evaluate alternative positions of how to best promote and preserve classical liberal values. We believe this follows closely in the spirit of the objective to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the free society.

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    MPS Texas 2019