The Vanity of the Bonfires

Sean Corrigan

    Earlier this month, the local press carried a summary of a report compiled by a panel of so-called ?€?experts' of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Science (SATW) under the startling rubric that motor gasoline “should” henceforth be priced, by fiat, at no less than CHF 4 per litre — roughly double the current market price.

    To fortify our resolve to resist such insidious schemes, we might do well to think upon the sorry fate of a previous people who, having lost their faith in free exchange and the international division of labour amid a tempest of monetary insanity, became converted instead to a Messianic vision of impending scarcity and unavoidable strife — and brought the wrath of heaven down upon their heads, as a result.

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    August 2008

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