L'Istituto Liberale si rallegra della sua partecipazione ai suoi eventi. Il nostro calendario liberale elenca occasionalmente anche manifestazioni di organizzazioni affiliate che possono riscuotere l'interesse di un pubblico liberale.

  • martedì-sabato, 1-5 settembre 2020

    Riunione generale della Mont Pelerin Society


    This General Meeting, taking place for the first time in Norway, will address the theme of "Liberal Institutions and International Order — Renewing the Infrastructure of Freedom and Liberalism". Many of the threats to economic freedom are international, from controls on trade to restrictions on movements of capital between countries or regions. To reverse these trends, ideas need to be implemented to get back on the path to liberty taken at the first Mont Pèlerin Society meeting, and establish a rules-based system, a lasting liberal infrastructure, to preserve these freedoms.

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