Liberal Seminar

The interdisciplinary Liberal Seminar is dedicated to fundamental political, economic, historical and philosophical issues arising in the context of a civil society and market economy. It caters with its programs above all to younger people interested in unconventional and liberal ideas. Together with them we would like to explore the fundaments of a free society, its potential and its possible future development.

The Liberal Seminar organizes four times a year the Liberal Discussion Circle - a colloquium where current and timeless social issues are investigated and - also controversially - discussed. Students, young researchers of all disciplines as well as young entrepreneurs and professionals meet at various Swiss universities. The meetings are based on a topic-related reader prepared by the Liberales Institut. They offer an opportunity of exchanging and discussing important ideas and concepts connected to liberalism.

The Liberales Seminar works with renowned personalities from science, journalism and the economy, who are invited as speakers and seminar participants.