Science and Enlightenment in the Corona Crisis

Michael Esfeld

    LI-BRIEFING. The damage done by the anti-corona measures far exceeds the benefits.

    There is no sound scientific justification for the attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus through central state planning with a massive encroachment on fundamental human rights.

    Employing utilitarian criteria, it turns out that the economic, health and social damages caused by coercive state measures such as lockdowns and the like are many times greater in terms of years of life lost than the years of life that could be saved by such measures. Employing deontological criteria, there is no justification for suspending basic human rights and disrespecting human dignity by central state planning of social and even family life.

    Instead of sound science, we currently experience a resurgence of scientism and its political use, namely the idea that scientific knowledge is unlimited, encompassing also humankind and all aspects of our existence and that this knowledge entitles central state, technocratic planning of society, including the life of families and individuals. Enlightenment is called for in the sense of leaving behind the self-imposed immaturity into which our society is driven through an unholy alliance of alleged scientific knowledge and coercive political measures.

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    December 2020

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